Participate in Big Lots Receipt Survey to receive amazing rewards upto $300

Big Lots Receipt Survey
Big Lots Receipt Survey

Big Lots Receipt Survey : Almost every consumer looks for a convenient platform to buy the quality furniture and electronic items. To meet the buying requirements, Big Lots comes with an amazing selection of goods ideal for both your office and house. With excellent deals and finest offers, the store can save you more on your every purchase. As a potential customer of Big Lots, you can now participate in – Big Lots Receipt Survey.  It is the right place where you can share your genuine thoughts and get a wonderful opportunity to win exciting discounts and offers on your upcoming shopping in the store.

Big Lots Receipt Survey
Big Lots Receipt Survey

Everything about Big lots Receipt Survey

It is essential to know that this receipt survey is a guest or customer satisfaction survey. You can go to the survey site and get a chance to win grand prizes in the form of wonderful offers. You have to complete the survey to take part in a contest or sweepstakes. This survey only requires you to share your feedback like suggestions, comments, and complaints.  In short, this survey can be considered as an excellent media for everyone to share your feedback.

Understand the survey rules

The legal citizens of fifty states of USA are eligible to participate in this survey.  It is important to meet the following requirements before filling out the receipt survey.

  • You must be eighteen years to enter the BigLots Survey sweepstakes
  • A single entry per email id or per person is allowed for this survey
  • Only one participant is qualified for winning once in every quarter and also one winning customer will be revealed in every quarter of the survey
  • There is no need for purchasing to take part in this survey.  The customers can simply enter through their mail id before sharing contact and personal details

How to participate in the BigLots Receipt Survey?

If you satisfy all the requirements, you can start to take part in this contest. The following steps will aid you in completing the survey properly.


  • Visit the survey website


At first, you can visit over your smartphone or laptop. There is simple internet access is enough to start the process.


  • Change the language


When you enter the homepage of the survey, you can choose your desired language from two different options like Spanish or English. You can try to click on the right button to continue the process without any unwanted hassles.


  • Enter the registration number of Big Lots Receipt Survey


The next step is to begin filling out the information requested. It includes the register number. After that, you can also enter a secret code which is available under your receipt’s barcode. It is the right place where you can fill out some digits.


  • Enter the transaction number


After that, you can fill out your transaction number on the receipt. You must still pay more attention to digits under your registration number.


  • Enter the store number


It is important to fill out a store number. The customers can acquire the store number on their valid receipt. It is significant to know that all stores numbers are available in 4 digits.


  • Select your buying cost


Once you completed the previous steps, you can enter your buying cost. There is a scale of the amount that you can select entirely based on the receipt.


  • Enter the time and date of your visit


After that, you need to fill the time of visit. You can acquire it on the top portion of the receipt. You should enter the details of both minute and hours. Along with the time of your visit, you need to enter the date of your visit. These details are required to finish the data.


  • Enable “Start” option


Once you successfully completed the details of receipt, you can continue by simply clicking on “Start” option

  • Share ratings on the survey questions

If you are following the steps properly, you can able to enter the survey portal of Big Lots.   You are advised to finish all the steps before participating in this contest. The contest comes with some questions, so you need to provide ratings only based on your individual experience. You are allowed to provide either bad or good ratings. It is important to give genuine ratings by considering all essential aspects. It includes credit card, coupon, ads, hours and furniture.


  • Share your feedback


If you give the ratings to all survey questions, you can now leave genuine feedback. It includes comments, suggestions or complaints. If you fill the empty space with your genuine feedback, you will then go to complete the survey in a successful manner.


  • Participate in sweepstakes/contest


It is an excellent chance to participate in the BigLots contest for winning up to $300 card balance.


  • Enter your genuine personal data


The final step is to successfully fill out the personal details required by this contest page. If you want to win the gift card, you must enter the original data.

Importance of participating in receipt survey

The stores from where customers buy electronic goods or furniture items want to realize their experience and also product quality they receive from the stores. The customers have to share their feedback and reviews through receipt survey page which is available on the survey portal. The main reason for participating in the survey is to get discounts and rewards offered by the store. The exciting thing about – Big Lots Receipt Survey is that it offers rewards on your upcoming visit to Big Lots store.  It is the right place where you buy goods by using the receipt.


The Big Lots receipt survey values the customers who offer genuine feedback regarding product quality. If you are a customer of Big Lots, you can share your comments regarding the quality of customer care team, services and other things of Big Lots. Customer survey not only allows you to share your suggestions and feedback but also let Big Lots to make essential changes to increase their customer satisfaction. Moreover, the genuine customer feedback helps Big Lots to improve their product quality and grab the attention of more new customers towards the store.

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